Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year everybody! 2010 really went by quickly, didn't it? Crazy. Here's hoping our 2011 is better than our 2010. I know that's what my family & I are hoping for.

I usually don't believe or buy into resolutions, but this year, prior to the ball dropping, I made a conscientious effort to write down my goals for 2011 and going forward. I realized that you don't really know what you want to do until you write it down. Sometimes, you just can't visualize everything. You can't keep everything in your head. You have to see it in order to make it possible. I damn near filled up my small notepad with notes. At 26, I realize that the biggest thing I want, and the overall theme of ALL my goals, is stability & happiness. I am going to become fiscally, physically & emotional more fit in 2011. These are my main goals.

As a woman, I realize that it is infinitely important for me to be a grounded, stable force for my daughter and husband. But in my 20s, it has been difficult for me to let go of the selfish "me" phase that plagues us all in this stage. While I am a very selfless and self-sacraficing person, I can still hold on to grudges and the past harder than anyone I know. Yes, I have had a diffult past, but it is also true that people (like my husband, for example) have had it harder than I have and yet are able to still function and adapt like adults should at our age, whereas I become more aggressive and my attitude makes it hard for people to work with me. I do understand and accept that there are other extenuating issues that I have that make that difficult, and I won't necessarily elaborate on that here, but these are fixable issues that I need to work on and hope to work on in 2011 and beyond. It has impacted my relationship with my family in a way that, if I can reverse and capitalize on positively, I can have a happier outlook for my (and our) future.

I realize in 2011, God is blessing me with many possibilites and a lot of potential, but He is going to make me work for it, inevitably. He's not going to hand me anything on a silver platter. I'm going tow ork my ass off in 2011--but I still have to make time for myself and also my family. I can't let fatigue be an excuse in 2011. As I am still working on my education and other pursuits, I'm going to continue to be pulled in many directions...but I'm going to have to get myself organized and cut out all the bullshit, quite frankly. While I'm not perfect, I'm going to have to keep errors and excuses to a minimum if I want things to get done quickly, efficiently and correctly the first time. This principle can be extended to not only my professional and educational ambitions, but also my family ones as well. Overall, as a woman, I just have to tie everything together. My time and stress management don't just effect one side of my life...they effect everything.

This is just a glimpse into what I'm looking to do in 2011. Hopefully you all are letting the ball drop on your negativities this year as well. While I'm not expecting perfection, I'm expecting significance. I pray that for all of you as well.


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  1. hello dahlin'! happy 2011!

    text me whenever you get the chance... shannon is planning amber's baby shower and wanted to get some ideas from all of us... including you. she couldnt remember your contact info so i told her i would try to buzz you up. if you dont answer me back i'll try to remember to text you tomorrow.

    love you boo.